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  • When will the products be back in stock?
    At the moment the store collection is under development. The aim is to have the shop up and running by January 2023. You can always fill in the contact form to request a custom design or product. Get in contact.
  • Are your products sustainable?
    The world must be protected from the negative effects of consumerism. However, an autonomous artist it is sometimes difficult to be sustainable. If you have ideas or suggestions for footprint reduction, you can always get in contact via the contact form. Sponsors who can help reach this goal are very welcome to respond too. I have an idea. I am a sponsor.
  • I am organizing an event. Can I book you for a live performance?
    Live performances are part of my repertoire and I like to be booked for them. However, there are a number of quality and ethical requirements that must be met for me to be part of your event. This is why I advise you to contact me so that we can see if a calligraphy performance is suitable for you. Get in contact.
  • What are the costs of a live art performance?
    Every calligraphy performance is tailor-made. Therefore, the cost of production and performing may vary, with a fixed rate of 175 euros an hour. This amount does not include VAT, material/travel and modelling costs. Exceptions to the latter are companies or individuals that offer high-quality photo- or video material off the show, which can be used freely for portfolio purposes.
  • I am an artist. Are you interested in collaborations?
    At the moment I am actively looking for collaborations with photographers and videographers but I am always interested in expanding my network and creating beautiful things together with other artists. You can send a proposal via the contact form and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Send a request.
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