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Nicolle Bötcher X STRAAT museum

Brand promotion // Live art // Graphic design // Customer experience

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About the project

At the client's request, I developed a live art promotion for the first edition of Straatstukken, an event dedicated to enhancing the museum experience at STRAAT through multiple live performances. During the event, I created 43 personalized art pieces for visitors to take home as a unique and branded souvenir. This not only elevated the quality of their visit, but also provided them with a tangible memory to cherish. It was an exciting opportunity to combine creativity and marketing in a way that engaged and delighted the audience.

STRAAT museum

STRAAT museum is dedicated to showcasing and preserving the global street art movement through a thoughtfully curated collection. Located on Amsterdam's NDSM wharf, the museum is housed in an impressive 8000 m2 former warehouse, serving as both a national monument and a sprawling playground for street art and graffiti. The museum's mission is to represent and promote the best of this vibrant and dynamic art form to audiences around the world.

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